Davis & Company, Ltd. Celebrates 40th Year

Davis & Company, Ltd., Marine Surveyors and Consultants, Founded in January of 1977 celebrated its 40th year in business with an anniversary party at the Lisle Hilton on January 20, 2017. The party was attended by 18 staff and associates, of the 35 total.

The founder, Gregory T. Davis made a brief presentation on the company history and then thanked each of the long term employees, 27 through 20 years with the company, that each made this 40th anniversary possible.

Davis & Company, Ltd was founded by Gregory T. Davis in January of 1977 and it grew into the largest Marine Survey firm in North America. Davis and Company, Ltd.’s clientele is primarily insurance company claims departments where a marine survey that determines the cause and the dollar amount of a loss is provided. Although Davis & Company, Ltd is recognized primarily as a hull (recreational and commercial) marine survey company, they do handle ocean cargo and marine facilities surveys.

From left: Jim Traige, Ben Gommel, Carol Medina, Charles Reininga, Vanessa Mendoza, Jennifer Eftimoff, Chris Nye, Ken Bruno, Doc Staley, Ken Pohlmann, Tom Neumann, Greg Davis

“Boat” Logo ice sculpture

From left: Vanessa Mendoza, Carol Medina, Chris Nye, Charles Reininga, Mike Westlund, and Jennifer Eftimoff

Jim Traige, Ben Gommel and Tom Neuman

Greg Davis talking about the history of the company

Mike Westlund, Charles Reininga, Ken Bruno, and Ken Pohlmann

Carol Medina, Jennifer Eftimoff, Jim Traige

Doc Staley’s selfie