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(Owners / Buyers Condition and Value Surveys for Purchase or Insurance Renewals)

Most of our marine surveyors are certified or accredited by NAMS or SAMS, are ABYC standards certified, and have spent many years employed in the service side of the marine industry. Resume’s are available upon request for any marine surveyor, as are exemplar reports.

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Condition and Value Survey Quotation

This survey is generally requested by the buyer of a boat in order to determine the condition and the value prior to completion of the purchase. The purchase contract may be contingent upon a CVS marine survey. A lender may request this type of survey or an insurance company or both. For more information about this type of marine survey, click here.

Buyers Survey

A Buyers Survey differs from a condition and value survey as the surveyor will operate electrical devices, and participate in sea trials. The Buyers survey is billed at time and expense rates to accommodate the cost/s of these additional services.

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One Source,” Davis & Company Ltd. is your “one source” for handling all of your marine survey, valuation, damage appraisal, forensic engineering, and loss control, needs.

One Solution” Davis & Company Ltd. is your “one solution” with offices in the USA, Canada and Mexico providing consistency in report format, timeliness of inspection and reporting. This consistency in report format, quality and service increases your productivity and your customer’s satisfaction.

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