Davis & Company, Ltd. began as Davis Adjustments and Investigations in January 1977 in the den of a one-bedroom apartment in Lisle, IL. Founded by Gregory T. Davis, a surveyor with four years of experience at that time, the business was launched with a $4,000 loan from his parents.

The following year, Davis became a Certified Member of the National Association of Marine Surveyors. In 1979, he officially incorporated in the State of Illinois, changing the name of the business to Davis & Company, Ltd. For the next eleven years, Davis proceeded to build his business, increasing his own expertise and proficiency as a surveyor and investigator.

Frank Taft was then hired in 1988 as Marketing and Operations Manager for the growing company. Together, Davis and Taft launched the company’s first large-scale marketing effort, bought new computer systems and software, and formed plans for hiring additional surveyors.

A second surveyor was hired in 1989 and the company moved to larger accommodations in Lisle, IL. The business boomed, increasing total assignments by 261% over the previous year. In April, the first branch office was opened in Bloomington, IL. By December another branch office was opened in Milwaukee, WI, and the Lisle headquarters expanded into two offices.

The business continued to grow. By the end of 1990, Davis & Company had established offices in Toledo, OH, Holland, MI, and Cleveland, OH. The new offices completed the company’s coverage of the Great Lakes region, and plans were laid to expand into the broader Midwestern market. In 1991, new offices were opened in St. Louis, MO, and Cincinnati, OH.

With strategic planning in mind, 1992 and 1993 brought a moratorium on expansion to allow the company to stabilize and to consider its future opportunities. So by 1994, Davis & Company was ready to expand into Florida. A Ft. Lauderdale office was opened that September.

Responding to increasing customer demand for highly sophisticated forensic investigation, an affiliate firm, Davis Consulting Group, was founded in 1995. Formed by a team of marine forensics experts and headed by Greg Davis, the group began work on highly specialized projects such as accident reconstruction, fire and explosion origin and cause investigation. The Davis Consulting Group was sold to Engineer Systems, Inc. in February, 2012.

In 1996, the company headquarters moved to University Lane, Lisle, Illinois. The move effectively doubled the size of the headquarters and allowed for the addition of a lab, microscopy, macro photography, micro photography, testing, and storage area in an attached warehouse. The expansion also led to a major upgrade of the company’s computer systems and software.

Davis & Company, Ltd. is the leading marine surveying, engineering and consulting organization in North America. Comprised of offices serving the United States and Canada, Davis & Company’s surveyors handle retail, business and commercial customers.